Navigating Grief and Loss with Young People

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  • Recorded on Thursday, January 25, 2024
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Learners' Own Words

"Very applicable to the youth worker role. Appreciated all of the connections."

"The training was great and the speaker was compassionate and knowledgable, and info shared was insightful."

"I now have a better understanding of how different the processing the emotions are. I can use this training to help my family navigate through loses."

Your Training Description

Youth workers often encounter the challenging task of helping young people navigate grief, which can be an emotionally and mentally complex experience. You need knowledge and skills to create a safe and supportive environment for grieving youth and young adults to help them process their emotions and promote healing. Join us to explore age-appropriate grief interventions, communication strategies, and tools to address various types of loss. You’ll be able to guide young people through their grief journeys with hope and strength when they need it most.

Your Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of how youth and young adults grieve
  • Explore misconceptions and facts around grief
  • Be able to identify typical grief reactions and how to respond or intervene as needed
  • Recognize the difference between what grieving young people need and what they don’t need
  • Learn about questions you can ask a grieving person to determine a compassionate transition back to school or work

Your Trainers


Lee Wilcox, LMFT, FRSA has an extensive background in serious/chronic/terminal illness, palliative and hospice care, and end-of-life counseling. For the past 5 years, she served as a director of clinical practice for Lines For Life, Oregon's 988/National Suicide Prevention Lifeline/crisis intervention headquarters. Lee was inducted into the Royal Society of Arts (London) in 2020 for her work in developing crisis response pathways and as the founder of World Mind, a global mental health focus group. She currently serves as Director of Bereavement with Brighter Days Family Grief Center.

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: MENTAL HEALTH BASICS.

Build your understanding of prevalent mental health issues among youth today, learn how to connect youth with appropriate mental health resources, and practice good self-care strategies.

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This training will count as 1 CE hour for most boards. Please contact your board directly with questions on submitting. You are encouraged to print or save this training information as a PDF for your records.