Allie Birdseye-Hannula (she/her)

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State: MN
Country: United States

Allegra (Allie) Birdseye-Hannula, M.S. Teaching, is a lifelong learner, youth worker, author, learning and development specialist, and public speaker by trade. She is passionate about delivering impactful communication and de-escalation strategies to help youth workers address the needs of prickly youth. Allie began her career as a youth worker and has an extensive background in youth program leadership and training development. She has continued to build her expertise through more than 10 years of communication coaching, mentoring, and program development for organizations across Minnesota. In her free time, Allie enjoys reading, sketching in a park, leading fitness classes, socializing, and sipping on a good cup of coffee or tea.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership development, mentoring, public speaking, marketing, communication, communication strategies to redirect and de-escalate prickly personalities, training strategies, and education strategies.

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The Field of Youth Work
Youth Development
Behavioral Intervention

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