Gender Literacy for Inclusive Youth Work

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  • Recorded on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Learners' Own Words

"This has been the best gender literacy training I have taken. Excellent."

"Logan brought with them such great and useful information. They not only provided great content but did so in a way that made this training exceptionally easy to understand, remember, and put right into practice."

"EVERYONE in youth work needs to take this training. Logan was excellent!"

Your Training Description

As a youth worker, you may not even realize how many youth in your program are facing challenges around gender identity. When youth don’t feel safe or included in programming, they are more likely to withdraw or express risky behaviors and their relationships and emotional well-being suffer. You can change that by increasing your own gender literacy. Learn how to intentionally create safe and supportive environments that are inclusive to all.

Your Learning Objectives

  • Know the difference between sex and gender and how both are assigned at birth
  • Honor the importance of affirming gender pronouns, names, and identity labels
  • Recognize common trans micro-aggressive phrases and practice inclusive alternatives
  • Learn strategies to improve your language and workplace to be more gender-inclusive

Your Trainer

Image of Logan Sand

Logan Sand is the SELF program coordinator. Holding an M. Ed in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University, they are focused on teaching sexuality education through an intersectional and anti-oppression lens. Logan has experience teaching both youth and adults, and enjoys working with people of all ages. Though they are dedicated to teaching all facets of sexuality, they are especially focused on teaching about consent and gender diversity. In 2017, Logan did a presentation at the National Sex Ed Conference. Logan is equally committed to face-to-face education and curriculum development having done work with Family Tree Clinic in St Paul and Access Matters in Philadelphia before coming to Lutheran Social Services. They are trained on delivering the following curricula: Making Proud Choices, Sexuality for All Abilities, It’s That Easy, All4You!/All4You2!

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: INTERCULTURAL ENGAGEMENT.

You'll raise your awareness to embrace diversity, foster equity, ensure inclusion, recognize and address bias and prejudice, and cultivate respect for all cultures.

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This training will count as 2 CE hours for most boards. Please contact your board directly with questions on submitting. You are encouraged to print or save this training information as a PDF for your records.