Empower Young People Using a Restorative Justice Lens

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  • Recorded on Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Learners' Own Words

"I learned some new things to bring to my program and staff!"

"You both laid out the information in a new way for me that really helped me think of ways to bring it back to my staff and youth!"

"Loved the word clouds!"

Your Training Description

Punitive consequences for young people’s behavior often address a symptom and don’t get at the root causes of harm or conflict that is compounded by these stresses and injustices. Restorative justice practices center the focus on building and repairing positive relationships for shared problem solving rather than punitive repercussions for unwanted behavior. Consider how you can bring restorative justice and a restorative mindset to your work with young people. Your efforts may take more time this way, but the positive collaboration leads to better outcomes for all.

Your Learning Objectives

  • Identify the basics of Restorative Justice philosophy
  • Recognize key components of Restorative Justice practice
  • Consider systemic barriers that affect youth work
  • Explore what Restorative Justice practice can look like in various youth work settings
  • Learn how to use internal process questions to develop a restorative mindset for working with young people

Your Trainers


Cynthia Prosek has over 20 years of restorative justice practice. As executive director of Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA), Cynthia leads a trajectory of growth, expanding services and deepening community engagement in restorative justice practices. She draws on the knowledge and wisdom of the community, collaborating with a network of volunteers, leaders, and agencies for a strong, vibrant, and diverse Twin Cities community. Cynthia promotes and helps to implement new programming from a lens of race equity as the means to transform the criminal legal system and redefining public safety as rooted in community.


Jaime Gjerdingen (jer-di-gen) is attending the University of Minnesota to earn her Master of Social Work (MSW). She is currently an intern with Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA). Jaime lives in St. Paul with her partner, three kids, and two cats. As an intern with RJCA, Jaime has been delightfully surprised by how consistently relationships between people have been repaired or strengthened through the Restorative Justice process, especially between parents and their kids, as well as those harmed and those who caused harm.

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION.

Adopt a mindset and perspective to understand the connection between emotions and behaviors, effectively model managing your own emotions as you teach youth to manage theirs, and diffuse dysregulated behavior and help youth re-regulate.

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