ADHD Awareness and Strategies for Youth Workers

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  • Recorded on Thursday, December 16, 2021
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Learners' Own Words

"Very engaging, loved the number of polls to re-engage viewers. Great takeaways and so easy to grasp the objectives outlined at the beginning of the offering."

"Loved the lived-experience perspective, and the applicable strategies."

"As someone who is an ADHD self advocate and works with youth as well, this gave me new information which can be rare in some trainings. I'm highly recommending this to the rest of my team. It means a lot that the speaker is also a self advocate."

Your Training Description

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. ADHD affects how the brain grows and develops. As a youth worker, you could be a key part of the support network for a young person with ADHD. This training will expand your understanding of ADHD. Knowing the facts will help dispel myths about ADHD so you can be a better resource for young people. You’ll be better able to appreciate the strengths of young people with ADHD and better equipped to address their unique challenges.

Your Learning Objectives

  • Identify the causes, prevalence, and types of ADHD in young people
  • Learn how ADHD characteristics in young people may contribute to risk-taking behaviors
  • Recognize common strengths and challenges of young people with ADHD
  • Implement strategies to best support young people with ADHD to improve life outcomes

Your Trainer


Val Miller has spent the last 18 years working as a special education teacher at Northwest Passage High School (NWPHS) in Coon Rapids, MN. NWPHS is a project-based learning (PBL), expeditionary charter school in its 21st year of operation. Val holds licenses in Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Delays, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also has a master’s degree in Experiential Education. While she is currently the special education coordinator at NWPHS, Val has previously spent many years working as a PBL advisor, managing a special education caseload, team-teaching PBL courses, and leading overnight urban and wilderness learning expeditions. Val has a passion for inquiry-based and customizable learning as a method to address each student’s unique strengths and needs, and as a method to create an inclusive environment that values all learners.

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: AT-RISK BEHAVIORS.

Develop life-saving skills to identify the warning signs of unhealthy and risky behavior, understand risky behaviors based on a knowledge of adolescent brain development, and know when to report and refer.

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