Enhancing Executive Functioning Skills

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  • Recorded on Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Learners' Own Words

"Pertinent verbiage and explanation of the functions."

"Appreciate the strategies to use."

"Lots of information presented during this one hour. Thanks!"

Your Training Description

Executive functioning skills are not something we’re born with, they develop over time as the brain develops. They may not be fully developed until age 25. As youth grow, relationships with the adults in their lives and the environments they are exposed to play a critical role in how executive functioning skills develop. Learn how you can facilitate development and provide appropriate ways to practice the skills in a safe space. With your help, young people will be better equipped to make healthier choices throughout their lives.

Your Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain executive functioning and the skills associated with it
  • Recognize how executive functioning development impacts young people’s academic, social, and behavioral skills
  • Learn about the typical developmental stages for executive functioning skills and how to support realistic expectations for each stage
  • Recognize the impact that neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD often have on the development of executive functioning skills
  • Gain strategies and techniques you can easily apply to help young people improve executive functioning skills

Your Trainer


Melody A. Hime, MAE, EdS has worked with youth and families in the field of School Psychology for the past 24 years. She completed her undergraduate degree, with a major in Psychology, at Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota. Melody studied School Psychology, earning her Master of Arts in Education and Education Specialist Degrees from the University of Northern Iowa. 

Melody attended a workshop led by Sarah Ward and Kristen Jacobsen regarding executive functioning skills in 2017 and was hooked! Through additional learning and research, she has learned how essential executive functioning skills are to productivity, success, and having a sense of accomplishment. It has become an area of great interest to add to her repertoire. Melody has found it so rewarding to teach someone how to be more organized, manage their time better, and have good study skills. In the fall of 2020, Melody started her own business, Hime Time Educational Coaching & Support LLC to focus on providing executive functioning coaching to school-aged students and young adults.

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: YOUTH DEVELOPMENT.

Strengthen your commitment to implement positive youth development strategies, understand development channels, and support youth through developmental changes.

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