Pre-prevention Tools to Improve Suicide Prevention

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  • Recorded on Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Learners' Own Words

"Brittani was genuine, informative, and provided very helpful information."

"This will not only help me in my work with youth, but also with my own youth as a parent."

"Brittani's heartfelt presentation did an outstanding job of providing the necessary tools to engage with youth about this topic. I will definitely be implementing a safety plan into my work."

Your Training Description

Suicide has become the second-leading cause of death for young people aged 10-24 in the United States. Learn to recognize early warning signs and gain pre-prevention tools to build emotional regulation, distress tolerance, anger management, emotional validation, and impulsivity control. Help youth build healthy coping skills to avoid feeling suicidal or depressed. Talking with young people about suicide is easier when you have the tools to help them develop skills to manage the stresses that threaten their mental health and well-being.


Your Learning Objectives

  • Learn about current suicide prevention efforts and their limitations in supporting youth mental health
  • Develop an understanding of pre-prevention and why it matters
  • Be able to implement tools to teach emotional regulation to young people

Your Trainer


Brittani Joy Senser, MSW, LGSW, DBT facilitator
Mental health therapist at Kristen Lund Psychotherapy

On February 6, 2019, Brittani lost her only child, 13-year-old Aria Joy, to suicide. At that moment, it became clear to Brittani that for Aria, and for thousands of other youth in the United States, suicide prevention is not good enough.

Since that day, Brittani has focused her energy and career on creating steps to take before a child or teen ever reaches the point of suicidal ideation. She has created a model to teach kids how to emotionally regulate from when they are young through their high school years.

Brittani is the founder of She is the Community Youth Director for Shout Out Loud. She has been a panelist for Suicide Survivor’s Day for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, and is the community liaison for the Minnesota Department of Health’s Zero Suicide Initiative.

Your Competency Focus Area


Each of YIPA’s trainings are designed around a broad framework of eight youth work competencies. The competency focus of this training is: MENTAL HEALTH BASICS.

Build your understanding of prevalent mental health issues among youth today, learn how to connect youth with appropriate mental health resources, and practice good self-care strategies.

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