Kathy Flaminio (she/her)

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State: MN
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Kathy is the Founder and CEO of movemindfully®, a training and consulting company based on the science of mindfulness, movement, and social-emotional learning. Kathy holds a master’s degree in social work with over 20 years of experience in schools and was adjunct faculty for Saint Mary’s University. Kathy has trained over 50,000 professionals in mind-body practices and has partnered with the M Health Masonic Children’s Hospital, United Hospital, Children’s Hospital — St. Paul, and Hastings Juvenile Services to provide trauma-responsive practices to the child/adolescent and adult mental health units. She is co-author of Moving Mountains: An Integrative Manual to Help Youth with Intensity, Reactivity and Anxiety.

Chrissy is lead trainer and director of education for movemindfully®. She has trained thousands of adults to use trauma-responsive mind-body practices in childcare centers, schools, juvenile services, and hospitals. Chrissy currently teaches children/youth in early education and school settings along with consultation and training. She provides on-going trauma-responsive mind-body classes for youth and adults at Dakota County Juvenile Service Center and Newport Academy; as well as on mental health units at United and Children’s Hospital. Chrissy also offers community-based yoga classes for adults and seniors.

Areas of Expertise: Trauma-Responsive Mind-Body Practices, Stress-Management, Suicide Prevention, mindfulness, movement and social-emotional learning for youth — early childhood through adult (including elders), staff stress-management/emotional well-being, Hands on movemindfully visual supports (Card Decks, Posters, Books, and App)

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