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Celebrate the Abilities of Youth with Disabilities Every Day!


Youth with disabilities possess remarkable abilities and talents. Their perseverance is inspirational and they deserve recognition and celebration. Embracing and acknowledging their unique strengths fosters a sense of pride and self-confidence in them and us too!

July is Disability Pride Month, a great reminder to recognize the strengths of young people, including those with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sensory disabilities, learning disabilities, and mental health conditions.

Each young person deserves recognition for their unique abilities, contributions, and resilience in overcoming challenges they may face. Whether a disability is seen or unseen, you can ensure accessibility in your program spaces so they are safe and welcoming to all.

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    Let’s celebrate abilities and empower pride

    It is crucial for youth workers and youth-serving organizations to embrace young people with disabilities, not only during Disability Pride Month but every day. Their unique perspectives and experiences can help us learn to be better allies.

    Our understanding of their needs will help us provide equitable opportunities. This enables us to provide better support for all young people, including youth with disabilities.

    By recognizing their abilities, we uplift their spirits and promote a positive self-image. We’re supporting their full inclusion and creating opportunities for them to flourish.

    And in the process, we grow both personally and professionally.

    We expand our perspectives

    Working with young people is guaranteed to bring endless opportunities for your own personal growth and professional development. Young people will constantly challenge you to stretch and grow right along with them.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of supporting youth with disabilities:

    • Embracing youth with disabilities broadens our perspectives and deepens our understanding of ourselves and others.
    • Their experiences provide valuable insights into the diverse capabilities of the human spirit.
    • Actively listening to their stories and engaging in meaningful conversations develops empathy and compassion.
    • Greater appreciation for their unique qualities fosters inclusivity and acceptance.
    • Understanding their perspectives enriches our own lives, enabling us to build a more empathetic society.

    Youth with disabilities are our teachers

    Youth with disabilities can teach us so much about resilience, determination, and adaptability. And including them benefits everyone in your programs.

    • Embracing their experiences helps us understand the support and accommodations they require.
    • By involving youth with disabilities in decision-making processes, we foster a sense of ownership and boost their confidence.
    • Encouraging their active participation empowers them to contribute fully to society.
    • Our collective learning from their insights propels us towards a more inclusive future.

    It’s important for all youth workers and youth-serving organizations to prioritize creating inclusive spaces to support all young people, including youth with disabilities. Be sure to provide physical accessibility and implement policies that promote inclusivity. Offer resources and support networks catering to diverse abilities.

    You’ll beam with pride when you foster a sense of belonging and empower young people with disabilities. Just watch them engage fully in educational, social, and recreational activities. Respecting and valuing their experiences creates an environment of acceptance and unity.

    Embracing youth with disabilities extends beyond Disability Pride Month. By recognizing their unique strengths, involving them in decision-making, and creating inclusive spaces, youth workers and organizations better support all young people.

    Let’s honor and embrace youth with disabilities every day, fostering a world that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the incredible abilities of all individuals.

    To further your understanding and  enhance your skills, here are couple trainings that are FREE to YIPA members: Empowering Youth Self-Advocacy and Equitable Sex Ed for People of All Abilities.

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