Course Completion

You’ve successfully completed all eight focus area modules. Now you're just two small steps away from earning your certificate in The Art & Science of Youth Work.

Take just a moment to reflect on this amazing achievement. You've covered a lot of material here. You've undoubtedly discovered things about yourself that will help you master the art of bringing your best self to your work. And you certainly built upon the technical foundation needed for high-quality youth work. Good for you!

Your willingness to learn and grow is applauded. You understand that the effort you put into it will determine your effectiveness with the young people you serve. You are now better prepared to positively impact young people and make a real difference in the world through your work. For that, we are grateful.

After you pass the final quiz and earn your certificate, we sincerely hope you will complete the Course Survey to provide us feedback on The Art & Science of Youth Work Certificate. We'll use it to improve the course for other youth workers that are as committed to honing their craft as you are.

On to the next section now to prepare for your final quiz. You've got this!

Learning Objectives Review

We suggest you review the learning objectives in each focus area summary now. Not only will it help you pass the quiz, it will refresh your memory and reinforce your learning. The summary sections are linked below as a convenience to you.

Focus Area 1: The Field of Youth Work

Focus Area 2: Youth Development

Focus Area 3: Communications

Focus Area 4: Ethics

Focus Area 5: Intercultural Engagement

Focus Area 6: Behavioral Intervention

Focus Area 7: At-Risk Behaviors

Focus Area 8: Mental Health Basics

The Art & Science of Youth Work Final Quiz
This is a comprehensive review of the entire course. You’ll need a score of 80% or better to pass the final quiz. Good luck!
The Art & Science of Youth Work Course Survey

Your feedback is so important to us. Please take the time now to let us know how we can improve this learning experience for all youth workers. You have the option to let us share your comments if you like. Personal testimonials from youth workers really do help others understand the value of this course. Thanks!

Your friends at YIPA

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